Insurance for straight trucks-box trucks and delivery vehicles.

It is sometimes hard to find the right insurance for straight trucks or box trucks. Transportation brokers and agents all submit your information to a very small handful of wholesalers who in turn contact the same insurance companies that don't want any more commercial auto liability policies to start with. Commercial Insurance Agencies has a couple of different choices for you and companies that will issue a policy the same day in most cases. Call (855) 820-8321 to discuss getting insurance for your straight or box truck from 1-40 vehicles. Commercial Insurance Agencies will work harder than anyone to earn and retain your trust, so give it a try today! We have been doing so for over 36 years and look forward to helping your company.   COVERAGE’S In most states, auto liability coverage is mandatory. All other coverage’s are optional. If your truck is leased or financed, you may be required to buy certain coverage limits. Talk through your insurance needs with your indepen

Insure Big Rig Trucks (855) 820-8321.

Get free Big Rig Insurance Quotes! We Insure Big Rigs Everyday! Tractor trailers and large trucks are hard to insure when you don't have transportation risk specialists experienced brokers. Contact our office at (855) 820-8321 for a "Big Rig Truck Insurance Quote" and get started on the road to savings on your transportation insurance coverage. We have quotes from a new commercial trucking insurance company in New Jersey. Call us for the quick quote form and to see if this valuable new company could help your bottom line. We have access to " Big Rig Insurance Broker Programs " that only a few brokerage firms in the country have access too. Visit us online anytime to get help started for your big rig trucking or transportation related business insurance needs (855) 820-8321 .  Same day quotes from multiple carriers. New ventures & fleets. We do DOT filings & MCS-90. We provide customized quotes to fit your specific coverage needs. Buy just wh

Breath Safe air in traffic!

We all have to get in our car to go to places like work and to do shopping. When you are in heavy traffic, it is a great idea to press the re-circulate button on you heater or air conditioner control knobs.  By doing so you limit the amount of carbon monoxide that is being brought into you vehicle and possibly blowing in you or your kids face. Once you are out of heavy traffic, click re-circulate button again to allow fresh air to come into the cars interior.

Naming Group Health Insurance on Auto Policy. NJPAIP Help.

Many people are not aware that they could save considerable money if they have group health insurance and are able to name that company to pay medical bills from a car accident or injury. In addition to saving money, group health insurance usually has far greater limits or benefits that can be paid out instead of a fixed dollar amount on you NJ auto policy. Imagine how much easier it is to get a health insurance company to pay medical bills than it is to get an auto insurance company to pay them. If you change jobs or change group health insurance be sure to change to the new company on your car insurance policy. A new coverage selection form and copy of your new ID card will do it! We do it all of the time on NJPAIP policies and other regular carriers as well

NJ High Risk Car Insurance NJPAIP insurance Quotes Portal Goes Live!

New Jersey Car Insurance NJPAIP NJ Auto Policies. NJ Direct Auto And Car insurance Quotes Portal Goes Live! Get a free NJPAIP or alternative NJ car insurance quote started below or call (856) 863-5654. Click here for NJPAIP official NJ high Risk Auto Quotes Click here for NJCAIP official NJ high Risk Commercial Auto Quotes

NJ Direct High Risk Auto insurance Quotes Portal Goes Live!

Consumers may now get comparative high risk auto insurance quotes in all towns in New Jersey via one online quoting portal. Professional experienced NJPAIP State Certified Producer Agents are available to assist if you need them at Telephone support and consumer qualification assistance for NJPAIP and NJCAIP is available at (856) 863-5654, Monday through Friday 10:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. The producers also have access to other non standard car insurance companies that may keep you our of the state high risk plan ( New Jersey Personal Automobile Insurance Plan). If you are getting canceled for your accumulation of points, DUI/DWI, poor credit scores or having too many accidents recently, this may be of great assistance to you.

NJPAIP NJ Car Insurance Assistance NJPAIPINSURANCE.COM: Car Insurance High Risk Drivers

NJPAIP NJ Car Insurance Assistance NJPAIPINSURANCE.COM: NJPAIP NJ Car Insurance High Risk Drivers